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Fostering cultural harmony on Diwali at Glendale International School

Fostering cultural harmony on Diwali

Glendale International School embraced the spirit of Diwali by organising a vibrant celebration of the festival of lights, immersing students, faculty, and parents in the richness of Indian tradition and festivity. The school campus underwent a mesmerising transformation days before the event. Hues of vibrant colours adorned every nook and corner. Intricately designed Rangoli patterns […]

Ahead of COP 28, Glendale students embark on an environmental exploration

Ahead of COP 28, Glendale students embark on an environmental exploration

As the world geared up for COP 28 in Dubai, a group of enthusiastic students from Year 5 and 6 embarked on an eye-opening journey to Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City, delving into an immersive exploration of environmental sustainability and conservation. This educational trip aimed to enlighten and empower the young minds with […]

Glendale International School commemorates UAE Flag with pride and enthusiasm

Glendale International School displayed national pride and patriotism on the occasion of UAE Flag Day. The school grounds came alive with the vibrant colours of the UAE flag as students, faculty, and staff gathered for a memorable commemoration of this significant occasion. The festivities commenced in the morning with the proud hoisting of the UAE […]

Glendale International School honours teachers on World Teachers’ Day

On the 5th of October, Glendale International School turned into a hub of appreciation and gratitude as students, staff and administration came together to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. This day aimed to honour and express heartfelt thanks to the dedicated educators who shape the future of our students.

Glendale international School embraces Peace Day with harmony and compassion

In a heartwarming display of unity and solidarity, Glendale International School celebrated Peace Day with a series of different activities aimed at cultivating harmony and global togetherness. The day began with a serene yoga session hosted by Heartfulness UAE which set the tone for the day. Under the gentle guidance of professional yoga instructors, they engaged in a peaceful yoga session. The students and teachers led by the Founding Principal Jasmit Kang, breathed in positivity and exhaled negativity, setting a calm and reflective ambiance for the rest of the day.