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Best secondary school for future success

Our Secondary School has subject experts who are skilled in adapting their teaching methods to each child’s needs. The teachers use interactive technology and real-life scenarios to keep students motivated. Our goal is to help every child to achieve the qualifications they need to achieve their ambitions.

What we offer in Secondary school education

Our programme is designed to help students take on growing responsibility for their own learning, while increasing their metacognition skills.


Our students are given the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment, knowing that their learning is highly valued. As students’ progress, they are given increasing control over their education, empowering them to take ownership of learning and achieve full potential.

Safety comes first

We believe that subject strength is crucial for success in academics and beyond. By increasing student voice and taking more risks, our students develop the confidence they need to succeed in life. We help students:


  • See how different subjects are connected, deepening their understanding and increasing their own research skills.

  • Learn vocational programmes to ensure that there is a good pathway for those who want something different from a conventional academic route to university. 

Safety at all levels

Our students feel content and valued at school where they will be motivated to explore, develop and thrive to their fullest potential.