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Students who know how to navigate the online environment can protect themselves from misinformation while simultaneously harnessing the power of the internet. At Glendale International School, we understand the importance of digital citizenship and teach students to use technology in nearly every class. Here are a few reasons we believe that digital citizenship is so important.

The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Schools

  • Prepare students to navigate life in a digital world. The digital world is expanding every day. Students who wish to understand the technology of tomorrow must start by learning to use the technology available today. School is a safe environment where students can learn how to use internet-enabled devices.

  • Help students get ready for life at university. Once a student has entered university, they must be able to perform research on the internet using personal devices. Students who have learned to use internet-enabled devices in school will be prepared for this reality.

  • Develop the real-world skills they’ll need as adults. Technology is everywhere. Once a student reaches adulthood, they’ll need to be able to use technology in their everyday life. Everything from finding a home to getting a job requires the internet. Learning to use technology in school assists each student once they’ve become adults.

  • Teach students how to use the internet responsibly. The internet is complex. While there is a lot of good information on the internet to benefit students, there is also a lot of misinformation — and scams. Students who learn to use the internet in school learn how to use it safely and responsibly.

  • Help students understand their digital footprint. Everyone has a digital footprint, but many need help understanding what that is or why it is important. Students who learn about their digital footprint in school are better able to protect themselves in an online environment. Understanding the concept of a digital footprint is vital for digital literacy.

Expose Your Child to the Apple-Powered Ecosystem at Glendale International School

Every school has a responsibility to its students to prepare them for life once school ends. At Glendale International School, we’ve embraced that responsibility by creating an Apple-powered ecosystem where students are encouraged to use the internet safely.

To find out more about how our students benefit from digital citizenship, and to learn more about what we’re doing to prepare our students for life at university, contact us to speak with our admissions officers and arrange for a tour of the campus.

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