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National Curriculum for England (NCfE)

Learning in our Curriculum goes beyond just memorising facts and figures. Our experiential learning allows children to develop deeper understanding of key concepts.

Nurturing the Future with National Curriculum for England (NCfE) Curriculum

As a leading British curriculum school in Dubai, Glendale International School offers the National Curriculum for England taught by fully qualified and experienced staff. The British education curriculum has achieved a reputation for quality and is recognised and respected around the world. 

The NCfE curriculum covers the complete spectrum of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music and Physical Education.

Why choose the NCfE curriculum at Glendale International School?

Structured and comprehensive approach

The Enriched British curriculum at Glendale International School offers a structured and comprehensive framework that ensures all students receive a well-rounded education. 

High standards of education

By following this rigorous curriculum, our students develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and a strong foundation in core subjects, preparing them for success in further education and future careers.

Flexibility and adaptability

At Glendale, teachers tailor their teaching methods and resources to suit the learning styles and abilities of individual students, ensuring that every child receives personalised support and guidance.

Focus on key skills

The curriculum emphasises the development of key skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and digital literacy, which are essential for success in the 21st century.

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