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How Glendale International School Addresses Student Well-Being

The administration at Glendale has found there are many ways to encourage good mental health. Because children in the primary grades don’t always feel comfortable reaching out for help with feelings and emotions, taking a preventive approach is best. Schools can use many good strategies to help ease mental stress before it becomes problematic. Some of our best practices include:

Teaching Students to Take the Initiative With Their Well-Being

Emphasising the importance of getting enough sleep each night, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of exercise each day are cornerstones of promoting emotionally strong students. By reminding students to take time to care for their minds and bodies every day, we give them the tools needed for success.

Promoting Wellness Techniques In and Out of the Classroom

Activities such as mindfulness training, meditation, yoga and more can help people of all ages learn to relax and refocus negative thoughts and energy. By promoting these activities in school and assisting students to gain a firm foundation, we can teach even very young students to better manage feelings such as anger, sadness or fear.

Providing Counselling Services to Students of All Ages

You’re never too young or too old to experience overpowering emotions. At Glendale, we find that talking about these feelings gives them less control over our lives. For this reason, we have an open-door counselling policy that’s available at all times to any student who expresses a need.

Fostering a Kind, Positive and Helpful School Culture

At Glendale International School, we go out of our way to help one another. Our educators and administrators model this behaviour daily on campus, and we actively encourage students to perform routine acts of kindness. This could mean helping a new student find their classroom or buddying up with someone who speaks a different language. Moreover, we reward these behaviours, which makes students more eager to strive for excellence in kindness.

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