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One way to achieve this is to expose students to languages from other countries. Good language instruction involves teaching students the fundamentals of communication as well as information about the culture where the language originated. Read on to find out why that’s important.

The Importance of Foreign Language Instruction

Why teach students a second language in their international school?

Students can communicate with each other:

Often, international schools bring together students from different parts of the globe. The more languages that each student in the school speaks, the easier it will be for students to communicate with each other. This helps students make friends and allows for ideas to flow freely between students. This aids collaboration and gives students an opportunity to learn more from each other.

Cultural understanding:

Second language instruction is about more than just teaching students to speak words in another language. The best language instruction teaches students about the culture where the language originated. This helps students in the international school understand their fellow students and appreciate them for who they are.

Improved communication skills:

Learning to speak a second language helps young students improve their communication skills generally, which can help them as they go on to university and join the workforce.

The Significance of Second Language Instruction at Glendale International School

Glendale International School is a British curriculum school in Dubai, helping students learn and grow in a safe and happy school environment. At Glendale, students will be given language assistance and will be able to take classes in languages of their preference, including Spanish, French and German.

If you’re a parent looking for an international school accepting students from FS to Year 6, Glendale International School is aiming to be one of the best international schools in Dubai. International schools are hubs that bring together students from diverse backgrounds, including different countries and cultures. At Glendale, our students will come together to collaborate and achieve their academic goals.

As a school in Dubai providing British education, Glendale International School takes foreign language instruction seriously because students need this type of educational exposure to manoeuvre in a diverse academic body.

Want to know more about how your child could benefit from second language instruction in school? Contact Glendale International School to learn more about how outstanding language instruction can help your child and how attending a school with a diverse student body can help your child become an outstanding global citizen.

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