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Favourably located in Oud Metha, Glendale International emphasises a balanced ecosystem where technology and nature co-exist. Their Apple-powered ecosystem equips students to be digitally proficient and its thoughtfully designed multi-sensory learning spaces like metaverse labs, design technology room, breakout pods

and black box room gives its curriculum an added creative focus and flair. But what makes the British curriculum the most chosen education system in Dubai? Let us look at 5 reasons why British curriculum schools in Dubai is the future of education:

1. A holistic and well-rounded education

The National Curriculum of England (NCfE) provides a comprehensive well-structured education system with learning, development and care right from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It not only focuses on academic excellence but also on personal development and higher order critical thinking skills. With a broad range of subjects including mathematics, science, humanities, language, arts and physical education, the comprehensive approach ensures students receive a balanced and rigorous education providing opportunities to discover new passions.

2. A focus on challenges with deeper thinking and problem solving skills at the forefront

One of the key strengths of a British school curriculum is its emphasis on developing critical thinking among students. The British curriculum encourages students to think critically and analytically, applying their skills to solve real life problems. With the help of various engaging activities that foster independent thinking, students become equipped with essential life skills and values, enabling them to navigate challenges effectively and to consider different perspectives to a problem to solve.

3. A plethora of extracurricular activities

The British curriculum recognises the importance of learning beyond the confines of a classroom. It promotes a wide range of extracurricular activities that helps foster teamwork, leadership skills and personal growth. ECAs allow for further passions to be ignited and to showcase a high level of skills across a range of subject areas. This is particularly a focus for our gifted and talented students where there is a wide range of opportunity for higher level of competition and participation at regional events across the UAE and internationally.

4. Effective preparation for university

British curriculum schools meet the rigorous academic standards with a research-oriented approach emphasising on independent thinking and equipping the students with important life skills. The curriculum also allows a great deal of flexibility and customisation to cater to the specific needs of each student and allows them to choose subjects that align with their career aspirations and dreams.

5. Global recognition

 The qualifications obtained through the British school curriculum like General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and Advanced Level (A-Level) are recognised globally and highly valued by universities around the world. The global recognition provides students with a wider range of opportunities for higher education and career prospects internationally.
British schools in Dubai stand out for their comprehensive, globally recognised and highly respected educational system that prepare students for a dynamic and interconnected world.

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