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Experiential Learning Habitats

Glendale International School is home to 'Place-based Education' (PBE) facilitating education through our carefully-designed experiential learning habitats.

Step Into Our Learning Environments

Outdoor Green Breakout Spaces

Surrounded by greenery, students have the opportunity to connect with the environment and gain a better understanding of ecological systems.

Black Box Room

A place for students to unleash their creativity and explore different art forms.

Makerspace/Art room

Equipped with tools and technologies, this is a haven for creativity and innovation where students can think outside the box, create and learn.

Metaverse and Immersion Labs

A step into the future for our students where virtual and augmented reality merge with education preparing them for a digital age.

Petting Zoo

An interactive environment where students interact and take care of animals developing empathy and responsibility.

Al Rawda

A space for students to explore the beauty and science of nature in a fun-filled environment.

What are the benefits of experiential learning spaces?

Active learning

Multisensory engagement

Collaboration and social skills

Real-world readiness

Enjoy 20% discount (save over AED 50,000*)

on early registrations by being a part of Founding Family.

*Offer open for limited period only. Terms & Conditions apply.