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As the world geared up for COP 28 in Dubai, a group of enthusiastic students from Year 5 and 6 embarked on an eye-opening journey to Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City, delving into an immersive exploration of environmental sustainability and conservation. This educational trip aimed to enlighten and empower the young minds with a profound understanding of the ecosystem and humanity’s impact on the environment.

geared up for COP 28 in Dubai

Amidst the vibrant aura of Terra, the students were introduced to the significance of the Ghaf tree, an emblem of resilience and sustainability in arid regions like the UAE. The students actively engaged in hands-on experience, learning about Ghaf trees and planting seeds under proper guidance, contributing to the preservation of this iconic tree species. Through this activity, they learned about the pivotal role Ghaf trees play in combating desertification and supporting biodiversity.

The visit was not confined to planting seeds; it extended to immersive exhibitions like “Under the Sea” and “Under the Forest,” offering a captivating journey through the intricate balance of nature. The students embarked on a mesmerising expedition, exploring the interconnectedness of ecosystems and human actions through visually stunning displays and interactive installations.

learning about Ghaf trees and planting seeds

“Under the Sea” allowed the students to submerge into the depths of the ocean, witnessing the beauty of marine life while understanding the adverse impacts of pollution, overfishing, and climate change. They gained a deeper appreciation for the fragile yet resilient nature of oceanic ecosystems and the urgent need for conservation efforts. Simultaneously, “Under the Forest” took the students through a sensory experience, immersing them into the heart of a forest. They traced the intricate networks of roots, discovering the symbiotic relationships between trees and the critical role of forests in carbon sequestration and maintaining biodiversity. This section highlighted the consequences of deforestation and emphasised the importance of preserving our forests.

Under the Sea

The visit to Terra not only broadened the students’ knowledge but also ignited a sense of responsibility towards sustainable living and environmental stewardship. It provided them with invaluable insights into the pressing issues our planet faces, serving as a catalyst for their involvement in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

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