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Glendale International School displayed national pride and patriotism on the occasion of UAE Flag Day. The school grounds came alive with the vibrant colours of the UAE flag as students, faculty, and staff gathered for a memorable commemoration of this significant occasion.


The festivities commenced in the morning with the proud hoisting of the UAE flag by students and school Principal, Jasmit Kang. As the flag fluttered in the breeze, a hush fell over the assembled students dressed in resplendent traditional attire. Voices soared in unison as the whole school gave a heartfelt rendition of the UAE national anthem, echoing sentiments of love and loyalty for the nation.


Following this, a serene ambiance enveloped the whole school as students recited quran verses and invoking a sense of spirituality and solemnity and then shared facts about the UAE flag as the whole school stood in rapt attention. Their speeches reflected admiration for the values the flag represents – unity, pride, peace, and prosperity. These presentations not only showcased the students’ public speaking abilities but also highlighted their deep appreciation for their country’s heritage and values.


One of the most engaging activities of the celebration was the collaborative creation of a colossal UAE flag through finger painting. Enthusiastic students and teachers eagerly dipped their fingers in red, green, white, and black paint, meticulously crafting the emblematic design on a massive canvas. This collaborative effort served as a symbolic representation of unity and solidarity among the school community.


Throughout the event, the air was charged with patriotism and enthusiasm, fostering a sense of national belonging among the students and faculty alike. The celebration not only served as a platform for honouring the UAE flag but also as an educational opportunity to instil pride and respect for the country’s symbols and heritage among the younger generation.


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