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In a heartwarming display of unity and solidarity, Glendale International School celebrated Peace Day with a series of different activities aimed at cultivating harmony and global togetherness. The day began with a serene yoga session hosted by Heartfulness UAE which set the tone for the day. Under the gentle guidance of professional yoga instructors, they engaged in a peaceful yoga session. The students and teachers led by the Founding Principal Jasmit Kang, breathed in positivity and exhaled negativity, setting a calm and reflective ambiance for the rest of the day.

Following the yoga session, children gathered in the school auditorium, the Windsor Hall to write messages of peace and what peace means to them. These heartfelt messages ranged from simple wishes for peace to thought-provoking quotes about the importance of unity in today’s world. These messages, adorned with rainbows of hope, reminded everyone of the significance of peace.

The school halls reverberated with the melodies as children sang the school Anthem and other tunes like We are the World, ably guided by our music teacher Mr. Alvin. But that’s not all, every lesson on that day touched upon the importance of peace and how each student could bring about a change in the world. They wrote peace letters addressed to children of areas of conflict who lead a very different life from them, giving them hope. In the Islamic class, students learnt more about significant Islamic Peace landmarks. The day ended with all students coming together to make biodegradable peace lanterns that they let off in the hope of a world where peace prevails.

In a world often filled with discord and division, Glendale demonstrated that by coming together in the spirit of peace, even a small community can make a profound impact on the path towards a more harmonious world.

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