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On the 5th of October, Glendale International School turned into a hub of appreciation and gratitude as students, staff and administration came together to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. This day aimed to honour and express heartfelt thanks to the dedicated educators who shape the future of our students.

The day began with an air of excitement, as students prepared to surprise their teachers in a unique way. In a touching gesture, every student prepared something for their class teachers and these thoughtful expressions of gratitude were handed out in each class, making the morning a special one for the teaching staff. The teachers were visibly moved by the heartfelt messages, showing the deep connection between educators and students at Glendale.

The corridors of Glendale were filled with laughter and glee as students went around wishing teachers and thanking them for creating an impact on their lives. In addition to the heartfelt notes, Glendale International School didn’t stop there. The school had thoughtfully prepared small tokens of appreciation for the teachers. Each educator received a personalised thank-you gift that reflected their unique interests and preferences symbolising the school’s appreciation for the individuality and hard work of its teaching staff.

The celebration served as a reminder of the invaluable role that teachers play in shaping the lives of their students. It emphasised the importance of recognizing and expressing gratitude for the tireless dedication and commitment that educators demonstrate daily. By fostering an atmosphere of respect and appreciation, Glendale ensured that this World Teachers’ Day was truly memorable and touching for all its staff.

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