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The Digital Classroom: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education

  The world of education is rapidly evolving, thanks to the advancements in technology. Traditional classrooms are no longer confined to textbooks and chalkboards; instead, they are embracing a digital transformation that is reshaping the future of education. In this digital age, schools like Glendale International School are leading the way in providing a world-class […]

The importance of literacy in the development of a sustainable society

The development of sustainability has become the topic of the day in light of today’s changing world. As we grapple with pressing global issues like climate change, resource depletion and so much more, the concept of sustainability has emerged as the guiding principle with a promise of a better future. 

Enhancing Foundation Stage Learning Through Play-Based Approaches

Imagine you’re trying to teach your early learner how to count to five. Would you do this by explaining the concept of counting, or would you show them how to count five objects? Most of us would probably use the latter method. That is, we would bring out five objects, or manipulatives, that our child could touch, handle and move around.

How to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being in Schools

Changing schools can cause anxiety, which makes student mental health a priority for international families. New friends, new teachers and adjusting to a new school environment can all be stressors for young children. For this reason, Glendale International School has always prioritised mental health awareness and student well-being in and out of the classroom. Your child can receive a British-centric education at Glendale in an environment that’s inclusive and welcoming, surrounded by educators and administrators who care about their state of mind.

Sustainability Education: Cultivating Eco-Consciousness in Schools

As climate change and pollution become more significant problems in our world, sustainability education has become a crucial component of comprehensive education. All schools have a responsibility to shape global citizens who are mindful of their ecological footprint. Schools that strive to produce the leaders of tomorrow must prioritise programmes that teach eco-consciousness. Schools must also develop a culture that puts environmental issues at the forefront of their students’ priorities.

The Importance of Language Learning in International Schools

Learning a second language is important for students of all ages, but in an international school setting, these language skills are critical for creating a good environment. Students must feel free to express themselves at school. In an international school, that freedom can only exist if the entire student body is imbued with cultural understanding and empathy.

Why British curriculum schools in Dubai is the right choice for your child

In today’s rapidly changing world, education plays a vital role in shaping up individuals to thrive in a dynamic global landscape. Laying a solid educational foundation has now become an integral part of a child’s development. It is for this reason that most parents opt for an enriched British curriculum school in Dubai like Glendale International School. The curriculum at the school is structured in such a way that it caters to all the varying needs of students, be it by challenging brighter students or supporting others with an extensive array of teaching and learning methodology.